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Who offers support and capital to Canadian technology entrepreneurs?

See who’s making a difference and who’s supplying capital?

  • Accelerate Fund

    Accelerate Fund

    An angel co-investment fund that helps early-stage Alberta technology companies increase accelerate their growth.

  • Accelerate Okanagan

    Accelerate Okanagan

    A not-for-profit, zero-equity-stake accelerator operating in British Columbia's interior.

  • Accelerate Tectoria

    Accelerate Tectoria

    Provides a venture development service to guide, coach and grow early-stage technology entrepreneurs.

  • Accelerator Centre

    Accelerator Centre

    Helps entrepreneurs accelerate their time to market and attract customers, investment and sales.

  • Alarcity Foundation

    Alarcity Foundation

    The Alacrity Foundation is an incubator and accelerator that supports the growth of Western Canadian tech companies

  • Angel One Network

    Angel One Network

    A not-for-profit organization of accredited investors who live, work or have strong interests in Southern Ontario.

  • Anges Quebec

    Anges Quebec

    A Quebec-based group of angel investors.

  • Arctern Ventures

    Arctern Ventures

    Seeks out the most disruptive ideas to solve climate change and resource scarcity.

  • BDC


    One of the largest and most active early-stage technology venture investors in Canada.

  • Beedie Capital Partners

    Beedie Capital Partners

    Look to commit $2 million to $10 million per investment, preferably in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Blueline Bioscience

    Blueline Bioscience

    A biotechnology incubator backed by Versant Ventures.

  • Brand Project

    Brand Project

    Focused on being a leader in rapidly scaling early stage consumer businesses with founders

  • BrightSpark


    Brightspark invests to build and grow early stage software companies.

  • Build Ventures

    Build Ventures

    Focused on early-stage technology companies across the Atlantic Canada region.

  • Celtic House

    Celtic House

    Currently making new investments out of Celtic House Venture Partners Fund IV.

  • Communtech REV

    Communtech REV

    Waterloo-based accelerator that drives highly-scalable startups to revenue success as quickly as possible.

  • Cranson Capital

    Cranson Capital

    Boutique investment bank focused on providing financial and advisory services to SMBs.

  • Creative Destruction Lab

    Creative Destruction Lab

    An accelerator program focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence ventures.

  • Desjardins


    The venture capital fund management arm of Desjardins Group focused on Quebec-based companies.

  • District3


    District 3 is an innovation and entrepreneurship zone at the heart of Concordia University.

  • DMZ


  • E-Fund


    Invests in promising new ventures in British Columbia in a wide range of industry sectors.

  • Emerald Technology

    Emerald Technology

    Globally recognized as a pioneer and leader in industrial technology investments.

  • Emerillon Capital

    Emerillon Capital

    A $100-million venture fund formed from a partnership between Groupe Crédit Mutuel – CIC and Mouvement Desjardins

  • Enertech Capital

    Enertech Capital

    Invest in early to growth-stage companies offering products that improve the profitability of producing or consuming energy.

  • Espresso Capital

    Espresso Capital

    Provides venture debt to early stage companies, filling the gap between bank debt and equity capital.

  • Execution Labs

    Execution Labs

    Helps game developers become entrepreneurs by providing them with the guidance and resources.

  • Extreme Venture Partners

    Extreme Venture Partners

    One of Canada’s most successful VC funds over the past decade with a focus on mobile.

  • Fibernetics Ventures

    Fibernetics Ventures

    A startup focused on supporting the growth of new start-up companies.

  • Foresight Cleantech Acclerator

    Foresight Cleantech Acclerator

    A not-for-profit corporation and British Columbia’s first clean technology accelerator.

  • Founder Fuel

    Founder Fuel

    A 12-week mentor-driven startup accelerator to increase traction, secure partnerships and get to revenue faster.

  • Genwealth Venutres

    Genwealth Venutres

    Finances early stage technology companies, with participation and engagement with investee companies.

  • Georgian Partners

    Georgian Partners

    Invests in growth-stage enterprise software companies earning $500,000 or more in monthly recurring revenues.

  • Gibraltar Ventures

    Gibraltar Ventures

    Makes early to mid-stage portfolio companies stronger and more competitive by accelerating their speed-to-market.

  • Globalive


    Focused on the telecom, media and telecom sectors, directly or through co-investments

  • Golden Triangle Angel Networks

    Golden Triangle Angel Networks

    A network of angel investors looking for quality early-stage companies that are investment-ready.

  • Golden Ventures Partners

    Golden Ventures Partners

    Helps entrepreneurs build transformative businesses leveraging the power of mobile.

  • Greensky Capital

    Greensky Capital

    Fills the seed round funding gap between the “friends and family” and the Series A investments.

  • Growthworks


    Specializes in the management of and growth of regionally based venture capital funds.

  • Hacking Health

    Hacking Health

    Connects front-line clinicians and technology experts to create yield innovative approaches to healthcare problems.

  • Hatch Brands

    Hatch Brands

    A subsidiary of iBrands Corp. focused on SaaS, online finance, data pipeline and data science.



    A Canadian-based pre-seed VC that supports early stage technology companies.

  • iGan Partners

    iGan Partners

    An early-stage venture capital fund with a focus on the Internet, software, and digital health.

  • Impact8


    Fast-tracks social ventures to a greater stage of investment readiness, helping them attract financing to scale their impact

  • Impression Ventures

    Impression Ventures

    A seasoned venture capital firm focused on investing in financial and related technology companies.

  • InCubes


    For entrepreneurs, INcubes offers two incubation programs: the Funnel Program and the Acceleration Program.

  • Information Venture Partners

    Information Venture Partners

    An early stage venture fund focused on North American enterprise and Fin-Tech companies.

  • Innovacorp


    Nova Scotia's early-stage VC organization focused on information technology, clean technology and life sciences.

  • Innovate Calgary

    Innovate Calgary

  • Innovate Niagara

    Innovate Niagara

    A network of regional and provincial not-for-profit organizations that offers services and programs to help entrepreneurs.

  • Innovation Factory

    Innovation Factory

    A-for-profit Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) funded by the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.

  • iNovia Capital

    iNovia Capital

    Manages $225M across two IT-focused funds with an investment focus on next generation digital platforms and services.

  • Invest Ottawa

    Invest Ottawa

    Invest Ottawa delivers collaborative economic development programs and initiatives.

  • Invest Quebec

    Invest Quebec

  • Keiretsu Forum

    Keiretsu Forum

    A global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, VCs and corporate/institutional investors.

  • Kensington Capital Partners

    Kensington Capital Partners

    Currently investing from the Kensington Venture Fund, which invests in venture capital funds and makes direct investments.

  • Klass Capital

    Klass Capital

    Klass Capital offers expansion stage capital ($2M to $10M) to high growth enterprise software businesses that have more than

  • L-Spark


    An incubator and accelerator focused exclusively on Enterprise SaaS and cloud startups.

  • Launch Academy

    Launch Academy

    Committed to helping early-stage tech startups in Vancouver become the next big thing.

  • Lumira Capital

    Lumira Capital

    Lumira's primary investment focus is later stage biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

  • Mantella Venture Partners

    Mantella Venture Partners

    Invests in entrepreneurs building market-altering mobile and Internet software businesses.

  • Maple Leaf Angels

    Maple Leaf Angels

    A not-for-profit membership organization that connects accredited investors and bright entrepreneurs.

  • MaRS Discovery District

    MaRS Discovery District

    MaRS works with an extensive network of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies .

  • MaRS IAF

    MaRS IAF

    Builds and strengthens Ontario-based businesses by providing early stage investment.

  • McRock Capital

    McRock Capital

    McRock Capital is the first dedicated Industrial Internet of Things venture capital fund

  • Mistral Venture Partners

    Mistral Venture Partners

    Mistral invests in entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of changing markets with next-generation technologies.

  • NB Innovation

    NB Innovation

    Not-for-profit corporation that invests in new growth-oriented companies and applied research activities.

  • OCAD


    An incubation program that launches for-profit or social enterprise or licensing ventures.

  • OMERS Ventures

    OMERS Ventures

    OMERS Ventures is focused on investments in the technology, media and telecom sectors in Canada and the U.S.

  • OneEleven


  • Ontario Centres for Excellence

    Ontario Centres for Excellence

    Co-invests to commercialize innovation from Ontario's colleges, universities and research hospitals, and invests in early-st

  • Planet Hatch

    Planet Hatch

    Operates a three-month accelerator program that provides entrepreneurs with workshops and mentors.

  • Plaza Ventures

    Plaza Ventures

    Provides $1M to $2M in funding into A-rounds, often coupled with advisory services.

  • Pycap


    Gives accredited and retail investors an accountable way to access the early-stage technology sector.

  • Real Venture Partners

    Real Venture Partners

    A leading source of seed stage capital in Canada with more than 150 investments since 2007.

  • Rho Canada

    Rho Canada

    A division of Rho Capital Partners focused on early-stage investing in Canada’s innovative technology companies.

  • Round13 Capital

    Round13 Capital

    A VC specializing startups, early stage, later stage, and companies with proven market demand.

  • Ryerson Futures

    Ryerson Futures

    Ryerson Futures is a technology accelerator program for early stage startups.

  • Seedups Canada

    Seedups Canada

    SeedUps Canada helps start-up, early stage and growth companies raise between $250,000 and $2 million in capital.

  • Spark


    A not-for-profit organization supported by the Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.

  • Summerhill Venture Partners

    Summerhill Venture Partners

    Invests within specific domain areas within the wireless, digital media and information technology sectors.

  • Surepath Capital Partners

    Surepath Capital Partners

    SurePath helps companies prepare for the expectations of the growth funding.

  • Tandem Expansion

    Tandem Expansion

    A growth equity investor that makes significant minority investments in Canadian technology companies.

  • Tandem Launch

    Tandem Launch

  • Terracap Ventures

    Terracap Ventures

    Focused on early seed and series A investments in North America and Israel.

  • The Next 36

    The Next 36

    The Next 36 accelerates the growth of Canada’s most talented young entrepreneurs.

  • The Working Group

    The Working Group

    Partners with teams from the early seed to series A stage, through strategy, design and software development.

  • Toronto Development Business Centre

    Toronto Development Business Centre

    An independent non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to nurturing the growth of new and emerging businesses.

  • Trilogy Growth

    Trilogy Growth

    Invests in companies with more than $1-million in revenue that can grow to $100-million in five years.

  • Two Small Fish Ventures

    Two Small Fish Ventures

    Invests in Toronto/Waterloo based early stage Internet companies with strong network effects.



    An accelerator program that supports start-ups founded on research, technology and/or innovations created at UofT.

  • VA Angels

    VA Angels

    An investor only membership group committed to building Western Canadian industry through early stage angel investing.

  • Vanedge Capital

    Vanedge Capital

    Makes series A investments in gaming, digital media, enterprise infrastructure, security and small enterprise SaaS markets.

  • VanTech


    A network of angel investors and early-stage investors focused on nascent technology entrepreneurs.

  • Velocity


    A leading entrepreneurship program and incubator at the University of Waterloo.

  • ventureLAB


    ventureLAB is where talented entrepreneurs get help bringing their innovations to market.

  • Version One Ventures

    Version One Ventures

    A Vancouver-based early-stage investor started by serial entrepreneur Boris Wertz.

  • Victory Square

    Victory Square

    Focused on opportunities in the sports, entertainment and healthcare sectors.

  • Volta


    Provides world-class mentorship and support to new startup and potential entrepreneurs.

  • WaterTap Technology Acceleration Project

    WaterTap Technology Acceleration Project

    WaterTAP supports Ontario's water tech entrepreneurs and the innovation-hungry customers.

  • Wavefront


    Dedicated to supporting Canadian wireless companies and is making a big economic impact.

  • White Star Capital

    White Star Capital

    Makes seed and series A investments from $500,000 to $5-million as investors or co-investors.

  • Whitecap Venture Partners

    Whitecap Venture Partners

    Early-stage VC fund investing in high growth companies in ICT, Food Tech and Med Tech.

  • X-1 Accelerator

    X-1 Accelerator

    A 10-week summer program at McGill to learn the skills to become better entrepreneurs.

  • Yaletown Venture Partners

    Yaletown Venture Partners

    Invests in sustainability innovation and intelligent enterprise tech companies in Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

  • York Angel Investors

    York Angel Investors

    Invests in early-stage companies with products that are completed or post first implementation development.